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QuiKTM Automatic Test Management Software


The main function of QuiKTM is to easily access test data information through the browser.

QuiKTM uses browser technology to provide user friendly operation interface, provide user safe login, effectively guide test users to make fast and accurate operations, and quickly obtain relevant data information.

Composition and principle

Browser:Test user management interface, including test project management, test process management, test result data management.


Server: provides test data request related services.The standard HTTP request service interface, data persistence layer API, is used to store data information in relational databases.


Functions and specifications

User security permission management: QuiKTM provides an effective user security login mechanism to ensure data security and improve overall data security through authorization allocation.

Test project management: QuiKTM provide test project management configuration, the user need only through the browser, you can add the project, at the same time can make corresponding changes to the current test project, delete operations, after the success of the project to create other users can be associated with the current project, to achieve collaborative access, the purpose of data sharing, so as to achieve the team cooperation, to enhance the efficiency of the work.

Test task case management: QuiKTM provides test case management.Use case information is added, modified and deleted, providing the function of use case and task information presentation and operation, facilitating test users to effectively organize test case information and improving test efficiency.

Test results management: QuiKTM provide test result data list show, can search the result data, filter, filter, provide test report to download, upload function, can quickly locate the problems existing in the data results, and the production of standardized test report, ensure the data of the test work late summary and analysis function, further enhance the significance and the value of the testing work.

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